Classic Mulberry Silk Scrunchie - Ocean Blue

At The Little Luxe our Silk Noiré scrunchies are designed to reduce breakage, split ends and kinks that are caused by regular hair ties. The beautifully handmade design glides effortlessly over your hair creating less tension and breakage.


Our scrunchies leave your hair feeling hydrated and nourished because they are made from the highest grade (6A), 100% Mulberry Silk with a 22 momme of thickness. Silk Noiré scrunchies have an interior elastic tie and it is made using only non-toxic dyes.


Key information:

• Designed to minimise damage and reduce breakage.

• Reduced kinks and creases after prolonged use.

• Improves the texture and shine of your hair.

• For best results cold hand-wash this product.

• 1 Scrunchie (£10.99)

• 2 Scrunchies (£19.99)


Classic Mulberry Silk Scrunchie - Ocean Blue